Boris Johnson, who has been in power since 2019, is facing his worst crisis since taking office. Indeed, the latter would have attended a party for his birthday and that in full confinement. The party was reportedly attended by 30 guests, despite health restrictions. But according to a Downing Street spokeswoman, the Prime Minister’s attendance was less than 10 minutes.

These latest revelations further weaken Boris Johnson after the scandal of multiple parties in Downing Street under lockdown. This has led to a sharp fall in popularity in the polls. The discontent has even spread to Boris Johnson’s camp, which narrowly escaped a vote of no confidence. The lull does not seem to be coming after accusations of blackmail by some members of his own camp. They are said to have been pressured to prevent the motion of no confidence from being adopted.

A controversy that makes us smile on this side of the Channel and that reminds us of stories we are used to in France. The latest being, the Ibiza holiday scandal of our Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer. Teachers, parents and education professionals are blaming the Minister for waiting until the day before to announce the health protocol while the country is being hit by the Omicron variant. In his defence, Jean-Michel Blanquer is said to have announced « Ibiza in winter is not at all like summer ».

After tense months with our English friends, perhaps we should show more solidarity? Let’s put aside the Franco-English rivalries, the questions of immigration and fishing licences. Finally, these controversies remind us that our politicians are the same and that we are much closer than we would like to believe.